Why ZADA Pharmaceuticals

Our internal training team works on knowledge and employees’ skills improvement throughout the whole year, but we do organize external education accordingly with plans, development, and needs.

In ZADA Pharmaceuticals, we aim to:

  • Ensure a unique and dynamic work environment in which our employees may achieve their professional and personal goals
  • Allow our employees to be an important element of a team which puts the quality and clients’ satisfaction first
  • Provide various opportunities for employees in order for them to progress
  • Appreciate differences
  • Stimulate creativity and value work commitment
  • Share knowledge among ourselves
  • Organize regular educational seminars directed towards raising competence levels, sports events, team building programs, and corporative ceremonies, as well as tend our employees’ satisfaction and standards of occupational safety and health
  • Take into consideration employees’ dedication to the company and its objectives, result-oriented mindset, and a desire for improvement and career development
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