ZADA Pharmaceuticals employees

We daily invest in the work condition improvement as well as in the internal and external education of our employees including education taking place outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We support additional training, practice the reward system with the intention of advancing business excellence and work rate.

We are actively participating in the condition creation of our employees, as we firmly believe that employees’ satisfaction is a prominent factor that directly impacts productivity.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned system, we have created a team of capable and educated individuals who fulfill their business tasks and duties with commitment and enthusiasm.

Currently, ZADA Pharmaceuticals has approximately 181 employees, and the average age is 35 years.

Sector Number of employees Percentage of highly-educated emplyoees
Administration and Management 17 100%
Quality Control (QA/QC/Registration) 31 71%
Production and Development 55 50%
Commercial Sector 9 67%
Medical Sector 8 90%
Engineering and Maintenance 9 60%
Finances 6 66%
Legal Sector and Human Resources 5 100%
Marketing and Sales 41 86%
TOTAL 181 76%

Accordingly to the data of 01.2022.

We present you the key employees of our company.

Supervisor Of The Production Sector

Ernis Jukić

Date of birth: 08.04.1987.

Degree: Chemical Engineer

E-mail address:

Quality control sector manager, QC

Amra Butković

Date of birth: 11.11.1984.

Degree: Master of Pharmacy

Specialist in drug testing and control

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Sector manager quality assurance, QA

Mirsana Banjić

Date of birth: 09.12.1986.

Degree: Science in Technology

Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems

E-mail address:

Responsible person in the supply service

Belma Ćosićkić

Date of birth: 21.09.1999.

Degree: Chemical technician in pharmaceutical industry

E-mail address:

Responsible person for design, energy, surveillance and security systems

Muhamed Ustavdić

Date of birth: 12.12.1951.

Degree: Electrical Engineer

Ovlašteno lice za izvođenje i nadzor nad izvođenjem elektro faze, instalacije slabe i jake struje i elektro-energetskih postrojenja i izrada tehničke dokumentacije

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Head of the registration sector, responsible for medicinal registration

Sandra Isabegovic Djukic

Date of birth: 02.06.1990.

Degree: Master of Pharmacy

E-mail address:

Head of the medical sector, responsible for pharmacovigilance

Amela Perolli

Date of birth: 15.06.1980.

Degree: MD

E-mail address:

Sector manager production and warehouse planning

Sead Tuzlak

Date of birth: 02.10.1985.

Degree: Chemical Engineer

E-mail address:

Head of accounting office

Mirza Zenunović

Date of birth: 14.06.1959.

Degree: Bachelor of Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Certified Accountant

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