5th Congress of Infectologists and 2nd Congress of Microbiologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina

December 5, 2019

In the period from 19th September to 22nd September, 2019 in Tuzla was held the 5th Congress of Infectologists and the 2nd Congress of Microbiologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which brought together a number of experts in the field of infectology and microbiology, of domestic and international character.

As stated by the Congress’s organizers: “The field of infectious diseases is extremely dynamic, and evolutionary changes in pathogens present constant challenges in the diagnostic and treatment of infectious diseases. The Association of Infectologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Association of Microbiologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina have decided to hold a joint Congress with the wish to approach this issue in a multidisciplinary manner, with the participation of experts from both societies and domestic and international cooperators in other fields of medicine. “

ZADA pharmaceuticals has  participated in this Congress, as one of the sponsors of the Congress.

Through this, ZADA pharmaceuticals has once again shown that it is a loyal partner in improving the quality of health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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