Glucomannan, your Ally in body weight management

October 10, 2019

Glucomannan is a vegetable fiber obtained from the Asian plant Amorphophallus konjac, known as the “Devil’s Language”.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as a means for detoxification and cleansing of the body, therefore it got the nickname “Broom for intestines”.

Glucomannan consists of long, indigestible carbohydrate chains and belongs to a group of nutrients, soluble fibers. In contact with water it swells (it can absorb water up to 50 times of its weight) and takes place in the stomach, and for that reason it is necessary to use it with plenty of water. It slows down the discharge of the stomach and feels like satiated (without feeling of distension and without appearance of unwanted gases in the digestive system), leading to reduced energy input.

The influence of glucomannan on body weight is well documented by scientific research. EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) has approved to Glucomannan health claims that it contributes to weight loss, weight loss reduction and maintaining of normal cholesterol levels.

Thus, proven, glucomannan (Konjac-mannan) with energy-restrictive diet contributes to weight loss. Useful effect is achieved by daily intake of 3 g of glucomannan in three doses per 1 g, taken with 1 -2 glasses of water, before meal and as part of an energetically restricted diet. It also contributes to maintenance of normal cholesterol concentration in the blood (useful effect is achieved by daily intake of 4 g of glucomannan).

Glucomannan has a probiotic effect, it helps in renewing the intestinal flora. It also helps in reproduction of good bacterial intestinal flora. It maintains normal intestine function and healthy digestive system. It regulates the glucose and insulin ratio in the blood and it could help to reduce the glycemic index of meals.

Therefore, in order weight management, we recommend Thinny®, a new dietary product designed to regulate body weight. Thinny®, capsules contain Glucomannan and chromium, which work synergistically and contribute to weight loss, body weight control, and maintenance of normal glucose and cholesterol levels.

The added value of the product is provided with the addition of chromium, which has approved health claims that it contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients and maintenance of normal blood glucose concentration. It also encourages fat and carbohydrate degradation, helping to maintain body weight.

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