Visiting the company ZADA Pharmaceuticals

October 11, 2019

On 30th March, 2018 the pharmaceutical company ZADA Pharmaceuticals was visited by eminent experts in the field of medicine and pharmacy from the regions of Sarajevo, Zenica-Doboj, Central Bosnia and Tuzla Cantons.

It has been a great honor for us to host healthcare professionals and show them all our qualities, manufacturing processes, control laboratory and meet them with anything they have shown an interest in or have doubts about. The visit was a pleasant socializing and exchange of professional information.

Our guests have been  conducted in our manufacturing facility  by Master of pharmacy .spec. Emilija Spaseska Aleksovska, Executive Director for Production and Development and Master of pharmacy spec. Samra Suljić, Deputy Executive Director for Production and Development.  Master of pharmacy spec. Alma Salkić, Executive Director for Quality and Regulations, and  Master of pharmacy spec. Amra Butković, Head of Sector Quality Control went with the guests through the control laboratory and held the education..

The system of quality, quality control and quality assurance is especially emphasized, which is confirmed by all the certificates that ZADA Pharmaceuticals holds and they are issued by the competent regulatory bodies, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of BiH and regulatory agencies of other countries.

Also the quality of the raw materials used by ZADA Pharmaceuticals in its production is highlighted, and the system of selection, control and supervision over the raw material manufacturers.

Attached are the statements of some of the experts who have participated in the mentioned visit:

Mr.sci.dr Abel Baltić,, director of the specialist service of the Public Health Centers Sarajevo

” I must admit that, when I visited ZADA Pharmaceuticals, I first came because of curiosity. So far I have not had the opportunity to visit the production facilities of  ZADA factory, and I was skeptical regarding  the quality, but I was more than positively surprised by what I have seen. Drug production and control are world-class. Now I have a much clearer picture of ZADA, and I am delighted both as a doctor and as an ordinary citizen to have something like this in BiH. ”

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Loga-Zec Full- time Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo, Head of department for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology and Head of the Center for Medicines

“I can say that I am very pleased what I have seen while visiting ZADA Pharmaceuticals drug factory, both the equipment of the control laboratory and the manufacturing facilities. Also, it could be seen that the high standards in the drug manufacturing process are respected and implemented. Personnel is qualified,  and while asking questions, concrete and professional  answers could be got by ZADA’s  employees. I can also point out that we are pleased to have such a manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is extremely important that we continue to participate in the further development of ZADA drug factory, in order to provide effective and safe medicines on the market in BIH, all for the benefit of the end user- a patient. “

Mr. ph. Emina Oruč, Executive Director for Pharmacy, Public institution Sarajevo Pharmacies:

”First of all, I thank to ZADA Pharmaceuticals team for their invitation and hospitality. A group of colleagues at PI Sarajevo Pharmacies had something to see while visiting the factory. None of us doubted the quality of ZADA’s medicines, but we were not sufficiently aware of the overall process of drug production and control of them. We will share all our knowledge and experience with other colleagues and confirm the quality of ZADA’s medicines. The production processes are well organized. I am fascinated by the control of drugs, the choice of active and auxiliary substances, chemicals .. which are from the most famous manufacturers in the world. And one of the most important things is certainly human resources, and I am thrilled about them at your company, because they are mostly young people, professional and full of knowledge. ”

Ph.D. Zaim Jatić, Specialist of Family Medicine, Health Center Sarajevo, Professor at the Department of Family Medicine – Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo

”I’m pleased to have a successful company in Bosnia and Herzegovina that pays special attention to quality. In practice, I am convinced that the medicines of ZADA Pharmaceuticals company are even better than other houses. I am satisfied with the effectiveness of the medication, and I would also emphasize the observed minimum side effects in patients. During the visit I noticed that the process of production and control of medicines are at a high level, which indicates that this is a modern and contemporary company. I would also add some of ZADA’s benefits, such as a wide range of medicines, the uniqueness of individual products on the market (e.g. Prosta Balance), and the great effectiveness of antihypertensives. ”

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