Zada Pharmaceuticals valsartan hypertension medicines are not found on the list of disputable medicines

December 5, 2019

The drug with active substance valsartan, for high pressure, of domestic drug manufacturer Zada Pharmaceuticals is not found on the list of the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of BiH, whose withdrawal has been ordered by the Agency.

Based on the decision of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the national competent authorities of the EU countries responsible for medicines, the Agency issued a decision and ordered to all marketing authorization holders, who have the approval to ut the drug on the market in the market of BiH, that contain the active substance “valsartan”
of the manufacturer “Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.” to suspend further delivery of the medicinal product to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to withdraw all batches of medicinal products that have already been put on the market.

Zada Pharmaceuticals is proud to point out that they are fully focused on citizens of BiH and that, in accordance with that, a business philosophy based on the quality and safety of product users is defined. Numerous product users also testify to the qualitative effects of the product.

Responsibilities in the approach to drug production, as well as the documented traceability of the quality of drug substances, as well as all stages of production, ensure maximum safety and quality.

”All the substances that are being procured, as well as all our products, have all declared medicinal properties set according to the strict EU regulations”, said Master of pharmacy spec. Alma Salkić, Executive Director for Quality and Regulations, QP, and she emphasized that Zada Pharmaceuticals controls in its laboratories every package of raw material it imports and performs full quality control.
Aware of the responsibility and obligations to put on the market only quality medicines, strict quality control rules apply at all stages of production.  All processes are documented and audits and attestations are transparent and accessible to control.

”The greatest challenge and the greatest responsibility is to preserve human health and heal human. The pharmaceutical industry faces a high degree of risk on a daily basis and pharmaceutical manufacturers carry out extremely complex research, sophisticated testing and work in accordance with the strict requirements of good manufacturing practice ” – emphasized Master of pharmacy spec. Salkić and on behalf of Zada Pharmaceuticals’ employees, said:

“We are a BH company, our employees, their families, our friends, acquaintances and fellow citizens use our products and we are aware of the need for continuous quality control and correctness  and we are aware of the responsibility we have.”

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