Contract Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

ZADA Pharmaceuticals provides contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical companies / private label all in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the particular country.

ZADA Pharmaceuticals Ltd. provides an array of services to drug companies which may include:

  • Drug development
  • Drug manufacturing and commercial production
  • Conduction of stability studies, method development
  • Documentation of compliance with ALMBIH, EMA or other regulatory requirements

We take pride in helping provide innovative, creative solutions for our clients’ pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges.

Why ZADA Pharmaceuticals should be your trusted partner?

  • ZADA Pharmaceuticals is lead by experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for decades. ZADA can find a tailor-made solution according to the customer's production requirements.
  • ZADA Pharmaceuticals is EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing fascility.
  • We work in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the requirements of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, as well as the requirements of the HALAL standard, and BAS 1049:2010, so we are constantly improving the quality of our business processes.
  • Our quality control sector encompasses six analytical laboratories, the department for monitoring the product stability, and additional chemical storage. The laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated and modern equipment which ensures the successful conducting of all necessary analyses. Methods of quality control rely on modern technology like HPLC, FTIR, and NIR.
  • ZADA Pharmaceuticals is constantly growing and improving throw regular education and advancement programs for our employees and continuous improvement of facilities maintenance to ensure unstoppable equipment functionality needed for efficient production and quality control.
  • We already produce more then 75 generics for our own needs and the needs of our clients. Also we have a large number of molecules in development.
  • We build trust based on mutual respect for our employees, clients, and consumers.
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