Quality control

We control and guarantee the quality of all our products

Quality control deals with sampling, testing and means of organization, documentation, and approval which ensure that necessary and proper tests are conducted. They also make sure that materials are not allowed for usage or products for sales and supply until their quality is defined as high.

Sector for Quality Control encompasses six analytical laboratories, the department for monitoring the product stability, and additional chemical storage.

The laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated and modern equipment which ensures the successful conducting of all necessary analyses. Methods of quality control rely on modern technology like HPLC, FTIR, and NIR.

Quality control is performed in accordance with the newest guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and involves sampling and control of incoming materials (active and auxiliary substances), control of packaging materials and intermediates in all production phases, and control of final products.

Each raw material used in production is controlled and approved by the quality staff from the Sector of Quality Control. Every set of the active substance for production is approved by the employee responsible for the release of medicine sets on the market (QP).

Constant control and monitoring of suppliers, raw and packaging producers results in the usage of faultless and high-quality raw materials which further leads to seamless high-quality finished products.

The quality control system ensures high quality during the whole process.

High-quality of finished products is guaranteed together with applicable conditions, educated staff, and approved measures for sampling and testing.

Before the release of medicine sets on the market, every set is certified by QP which further guarantees that all necessary tests were conducted as well as that the medicine was made and tested in accordance with regulations and market license permission.

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