ZADA Pharmaceuticals strategy

Our mission is to ensure health benefits among people and alleviate bad health conditions

We pay special attention to the molecule choice of our products, and while developing special branches of food supplements, we aim to be unique and the most efficient when it comes to the composition.

Apart from medicines that we are currently offering on the market, we also work on the development of new and modern, improved molecules all with the intention to fulfill the needs of our end-users.

This development also represents an important challenge for overcoming certain diseases, with which, unfortunately, many people struggle nowadays. Those are mainly diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Our mission is to provide health benefits to those people and lessen the impact of poor health conditions.

Our Strengths


By using strict quality control measurements on the company’s levels, we can develop, produce, and manage our products accordingly to the highest standards. Due to the fact that we strive to perfection, we incorporate quality in everything we do.


We are constantly investing in research and development (R&D) so that we can ensure long-term development. The primary goal of research and development policy of ZADA Pharmaceuticals is the development of own formulations and technical methods used in the production of generic medicines with added values.

Collaboration with Clients and Buyers

In our daily work, we put a major focus on the maintenance of transparent and long-term business relationships with our clients and buyers. One of our goals is continuous work on maintenance and relationship improvement with clients and buyers by advancing the service quality.

Business Policy

We follow high ethical standards in business and apply them in our daily work.


We define our idea to start a company as an act of bravery. We have managed to overcome obstacles by relying on high-quality work. We are still growing and breaking prejudices each day – and everything thanks to the important segment of our strength – bravery!

Societal Responsibility

From the beginning, we have been working on the fulfillment of society’s and environment’s needs, and by doing so, we are raising awareness regarding these issues and making an example for others.


By having a flexible environment within the company, and with partners and clients as well, it is possible to maintain and ensure means of healthy business synergy. We adapt quickly to different situations and we are ready for any changes. We also do consider the market needs as an important factor in finding new solutions and great innovations.

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