Societal responsibility

Our responsibility is to provide support to the community, and we do it with the utmost pleasure

We pay special attention to investing in numerous projects and events all with the aim of science, education, and health propaganda.

We help in organizing scientific and professional meetings continuously and actively.

We have the responsibility to provide constant support to educational institutions, as a pharmaceutical company established and developed with the help of domestic and foreign experts and personnel. Our doors are always open for all young people interested in obtaining and widening knowledge on topics related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our societal responsibility can also be seen in the forms of various sponsorships, donations, environmental awareness, and support to affected populations.

Donations and Sponsorships

ZADA Pharmaceuticals is a company that has been replying to all organizational, institutional and individual requests since the time it was established. We have always been the support for those who needed it the most. We had our donations sent to all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nowadays, the lack of medicine represents a huge problem for all medical institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our well-established communication with other medical institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina results in the readiness to provide help in the form of medicine donations whenever needed. We help medical institutions by various donations and sponsorships, renovation, ordering supplies of medical devices, and preparing new objects, hospitals, and ambulances…

We aim to fulfill the requirements with the intention to provide high-quality and efficient treatment to citizens and socially affected society.

Since ZADA Pharmaceuticals strives to follow and support all professional meetings, both domestic and international ones, and to be the partner, it results in offering sponsorship to events like these.

Our duty and responsibility are to support sports, children, youth, and education.

We will continue providing support to all scientific, professional meetings and projects as well as to socially important events in forms of donations and sponsorships by following our previous practice.


Continuous support and education is key to success in any area. In the same way, the success and development of one community depend on the knowledge and skills obtained by citizens. ZADA Pharmaceuticals ensures that its employees are participating in continuous education, but it also aims to direct this type of education towards the community itself.

ZADA Pharmaceuticals has been supporting the work of science and education institutions by sending donations and also by offering the skills of its professionals, equipment, space, and laboratories for practical classes. Investment in knowledge and education will be the imperative action for ZADA Pharmaceuticals in the future.

Education for People with Master’s in Pharmacy – Apprentices (Apprenticeship)

ZADA Pharmaceuticals, as a socially responsible company, educates those who have a Master’s in Pharmacy in the scope of apprenticeship. Apprentices are obliged to complete the apprenticeship in the company registered for working on medicine production, according to the curriculum of apprenticeship for people who have Masters in Pharmacy.

Therefore, all individuals who have obtained Master’s in Pharmacy have the opportunity to complete this part of an apprenticeship in ZADA Pharmaceuticals. In the scope of education, they are also introduced with various areas of the pharmaceutical industry according to the curriculum of apprenticeship of ZADA Pharmaceuticals. They are introduced with the following sections and have the opportunity to work on gathering information regarding:

  • Generic and innovative medicine,
  • Guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),
  • Guidelines used in the production of generic medicine, ICH Guide Q8 (R2),
  • Guidelines used for monitoring medicine stability, ICH Q1A (R2),
  • Book of regulations for medicine registration,
  • Space and work organization in a pharmaceutical industry accordingly to the validated law regulations,
  • Equipment, apparatus, and work technique while creating solid pharmaceutical dosage forms,
  • Production documentation and management,
  • Preparation of purified water,
  • Choice of packaging for packing solid pharmaceutical dosage forms,
  • Work organization, tools, and equipment in laboratories used for quality control,
  • Pharmacopoeial methods applied in quality control of medicines,
  • Quality control of active, auxiliary substances, and packaging materials,
  • Certification process and medicine release on the market,
  • Quality management and the system for quality assurance.

Education is led by professional and competent people from different organizational units (sectors) of ZADA Pharmaceuticals: Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Registration. In this way, pharmacists have a chance to master all crucial organization elements and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry by attending this type of practical class and theoretical training.

Cooperation with Schools and Faculties

The most common way of cooperation that ZADA Pharmaceuticals has with schools and faculties is usually in the form of visits, attendance to practical classes, and writing of bachelors’, masters’ and doctoral’ papers.

Every year, there is a vast number of visits organized, during which high school students come from different schools (Medical High School, Pharmaceutical school, and Mixed Chemical High School) from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge and shed light on the function and work of the pharmaceutical industry by visiting and listening to presentations organized by ZADA Pharmaceuticals employees.

It is needless to say that we also cooperate with the Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine, Technology and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Since 2009, ZADA Pharmaceuticals has been a science-educational base for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy located in Tuzla. These students have the opportunity to complete their practice classes in ZADA Pharmaceuticals. The subjects are named Analysis and Medicine Control (I and II) and Pharmaceutical Technology. Everything is conducted under the supervision of assistants/employees of ZADA Pharmaceuticals. From 2009 until today, there have been many ZADA Pharmaceuticals employees engaged as Assistants or Senior Assistants by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tuzla.

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